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February 25, 2009

A GAZAL that knew its SONG…!!

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Living a dream...!!
Living a dream…!!


It was never supposed to go this way….

Rohit and friends were watching some youtube videos when they came across something… something good… something that had changed millions of lives… Salaam Zindagi with Gazal Dhaliwal, a TV show on NDTV, flashed up in recommended videos and next click did it all…

Every moment that passed by… every moment for which Gazal spoke, was changing lives around. It was the first time when Rohit was listening to experiences of some trans-sexual (Gazal, forgive me for using ‘some’ here…). The next thing he did was to visit her orkut profile to gather more text about her… but he got more than he expected… three short sentences in her ‘abt me’ said everything for her:

 “Free… at Last

      Happy… at Last

        BORN… at Last!”

After a lot of requests, messages and rejections 🙂 he became her friend… His recent conversations with her tell him that besides being cute, sweet, beautiful, caring, mature, inspiring, a perfect writer, a fighter to the core… she is – ‘SHE’ herself – a ‘Gazal’… and not a portrait of someone else’s thoughts. There are many of us who loose ourselves in this world to the hands of the established rituals… we hardly find it to be our duty (and right) to fight for ourselves… to stand for our OWN existence… we forget (fail, actually…) to carve ourselves as someone who can inspire others and often die as inspired creatures… that’s most of us… living a life which was once a day dream of someone else… we live a life for them, a life which they somehow failed to pursue in their lifetime… and die insignificantly…

A few words from Gazal: “As a child and a teenager, for a long-long time, I used to think I was the only one in the whole world who was trapped in a wrong body… Today, as a post-operative transsexual girl, I believe that TALKING is the only way to counter the loneliness that comes with being born transsexual… Sharing of a little Hope is the only way to spread a little Happiness to our Hearts!” (Source: her blog)

Talking of her in a better way (optimistic…) I can see how she has emerged from no one to a role model for many. Not everyone around us are born normal… but then they continue to live with their abnormalities… LIVE…huh..??

Looking up to Gazal, she has that zest for living which made her to come forward and live a life which was meant for her… and not the one which was doomed to her… and here she is LIVING – AT LAST…

It was never easy for her to live in a world where even normal people are taken care of with much despair (pun…!!) just to have something (and not someone) to kill time. Mockeries, whispers… comments, insults… she had been thru all these. Specially considering her 4 year stay in boys hostel, one can guess the turmoil she must have been thru… but thru all these, she paved her path… she has found herself a position where no one has to think twice before referring to her by a pronoun… she is independent… nowhere in chains… FREE – AT LAST…

Life offers us good and bad moments… good ones don’t last long… and they don’t even exist for many… but as Gazal quotes on her blog: “Had it not been for the rocks in its path, the stream would not sing“. Tough times do come… and they come to last long (sometimes too long), but then the best way to deal with harsh noises all around is to keep singing your song… the tone going louder with noises rising and at its loudest with noises soaring…

There’s always a way to pursue happiness, even if life has not offered one to u… Happiness cannot be bought, it can only be pursued. And few ‘Gazals’ have chosen an entire new life for themselves, coz they couldn’t wait all their lives waiting for the happy moments to arrive… They have pursued it for themselves… and … they are… HAPPY – AT LAST…

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  1. nice to see u bring up an unconventional issue that highlights a very basic objective…it reasserts our right to be happy..
    earlier i thought it quite weird..the whole concept of transexuality couldnt quite sink in before…
    but after reading n listening to Gazal..i realised what a pain it might have been , being trapped in one’s body for 25 years!! its unimaginable..
    its great to see how she could garner the courage to rise above all social taboos and continue her pursuit of happiness(as u have rightly called it)…and is in fact a lesson to all of to follow our heart and above all ,be happy!!

    Comment by Monideepa — February 25, 2009 @ 18:47 | Reply

  2. Ro, like I’ve told you already, this has made me feel very special… You know, sometimes, what one does in life is solely for selfish reasons but somewhere along the way, luckily, it becomes a source of courage for other people around. That’s exactly how I would describe my journey.

    I won’t say it was easy, but it was surely much easier for me than most other transpeople, because of the tremendous family support I have. Emotional backing and understanding is very important for anybody who has to take on a challenge as massive as this one. It was the faith that even if I were to be hurt, I had a home to go back to and a few people to give me a hug unconditionally, that inculcated the courage in me to go right ahead. So, the heroes, really, are my family; and everyone who I have in some way inspired, must say a silent prayer and thank the Lord for my family…

    MNIT hostel was certainly a nightmare to begin with, but then again, as I gathered precious friends along the way, it gradually turned into one of the most memorable periods of my life (as I am sure it will be for you too), and then, I could learn to turn a deaf ear to all the names I was called.

    Happiness is our natural state of being… That’s why it attracts us the most. But the mistake we often make is seeking happiness from external things – Oh, if only I had this or that in my life, I’d be happy. But the key to happiness always lies inside us. My physical transition did not ensure me a happy state of mind till the time I chose it myself. There was a lot of turmoil even after I had bodily achieved what I wanted, but it was only when I gradually learnt (and am still learning) that I can always aim for better, along side being happy with what I have, that my life truly started becoming beautiful…

    Thank you for being inspired Ro… and thank you for inspiring me in turn! 🙂

    Comment by Gazal — February 26, 2009 @ 01:20 | Reply

  3. hey monideepa… thanx for commenting… 🙂
    not thanking u for praising me… but for commenting… i knew somewhere deep down tht this post will have a lot of hits but lesst no. of comments… thanx that u commented…

    @ GAZAL… u know that i am honoured… ur comment will be the take away of the post…:)
    the other day when u told me that i made u feel special, Gazal… that was one of the best testimonials i will ever have… and as far as inspiring and getting inspired is concerned.. i seriously hope more and more people read this post…!! and inspire others….!!

    Comment by Mishra — February 27, 2009 @ 05:09 | Reply

  4. truly truly TRULY commendable! Hats off to you Gazal and to your splendid family. having such supportive family and friends ur truly blessed. way to go!

    Comment by chetna smant — February 27, 2009 @ 18:43 | Reply

  5. “i knew somewhere deep down tht this post will have a lot of hits but lesst no. of comments” ~Rohit

    u r right buddy…damn true it is.
    shame on me if i deny that i dint think for a while b4 posting here.
    But the endnote is…I m inspied…hats off to u Gazal..I salute u

    U faught..u persued ur happiness..
    Now i hv courage to discard the fake rituals of our society that makes out of us nothing more than dead fleshes who just know how to breathe.

    This post will be a part of my memories for ever.
    N Gazal.. i ll remember you n gather strength whenevr i feel it hard to face life.

    Comment by aliva — March 23, 2009 @ 17:29 | Reply

  6. @aliva: “This post will be a part of my memories for ever.”


    Comment by Mishra — March 23, 2009 @ 18:33 | Reply

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