Moments and Memories…!!

April 5, 2009

Few smiles are FOREVER…!!

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“No smile is more beautiful than the one that struggles through tears…!!”


Aaj Rohit udas tha… bahut udas…. reh reh kar wo muskura deta tha… magar fir se udas ho jata tha…


Actually he had a talk with Prachi and some of the long forgotten memories were suddenly back to life…


It was when Rohit was in 12th class. Both of them, Rohit and his elder sister Priyanka, used to get up as early as 4AM in the morning to study.  And Rohit had this habit of sleeping everyday after they have settled to start studying, only to wake up after a slap from Jiji.


Jab bhi Rohit aur Jiji ladte the to wo log hamesha baat karna band kar dete the… not for an hour or so… but for days… bachhon ki tarah. And nothing was said or written… it was a protocol that was understood by both… just the scornful looks which said that the omerta was in effect.

We will call Jiji’s looks as Y: ‘tu aaj ke baad baat karke dekhna… daant tod dungi tere’

and Rohit’s looks as X: ‘huh..!! mujhe kaunsi bahut padi hai tumse baat karne ki… mat karo baat’

X and Y were often exchanged… 🙂

Hope now u understand the gravity of the situation once X and Y were exchanged. Initiating the talks then was taken as something against the self respect. Magar dono mein se koi nahin reh pata tha ek dusre se baat kiye bina. Aur yahan mummy help karne aa jaati thi.. wo doono ko bula kar aamne-saamne baitha kar ke baat karwaa deti thi…



aisa hi kuch hua tha us din… dont remember the xact date but it was in the last months of 2003.

Rohit subah uth kar ke, as usual, book khol kar ke padte padte so chuka tha aur Jiji, as always was ready with her slap. Her hand swung and BANG….!! zabardast wala thappad tha. Rohit ki aisi taisi ho gayi…


He suddenly was awake, never to sleep again… it took him some 5 seconds to realise what has happened. And when he understood that he was again caught red handed sleeping in the morning… X and Y were exchanged…


That ‘not talking to eachother’ thing stretched for some hours… then some days… and then suddenly a week was gone and no words were exchanged. Ab Rohit se nahin raha ja raha tha bina baat kiye… kitne assingments karne hote the jisme Jiji ki help chahiye hoti thi… aur bhi bahut saari batein share karni hoti thi. kuch nahin ho paa raha tha… ajeeb sa environment ho raha tha ghar ka…


Rohit ne apni taraf se baat karne ka full try maara… iske liye wo mummy ke saamne kuch-kuch aisa karne laga ki mummy ko samajh mein aa jaye ki both of them were not talking to eachother. But mummy was not helping this time… god knows why…??


fir wo mummy ke paas gaya aur directly bola:

“mummy, meri Jiji se baat nahin ho rahi hai..”

“pata hai, to kya karun…?”

“2 weeks ho gaye hain… aap baat kara dijiye na…”

“nahin, mein is baar kuch nahin karne waali. tum khud hi baat karoge to pata chalega ki ghar mein ek doosre se baat kiye bagair nahin raha ja sakta… Tum hi karo jo karna hai…”

“mummy please…”




Ab Rohit kya karta…

Things were softening at both ends… jab Jiji kuch khaane ko banati thi to ab Rohit ko sabse jyaada milta tha… aur kyunki Jiji ki drawing kharab thi, to Rohit raat mein jaag kar ke, jab Jiji so jaati thi, Jiji ke pactical files ke diagram bana deta tha…


Lekin baat nahin ho rahi thi…


Fir ek din mummy ne dono ko bulaya.. THANKGOD… aur baat karwaayi thoda sa daant kar ke. Both of us were so sorry for the kind of behavior we had shown for the last 17 days… we pledged ki hum aaj ke baad kabhi nahin ladenge.


happy ending…


kareeb 1hr later, Rohit had to go somewhere. Wo ghar mein se Activa bahar nikaal raha tha, aur Jiji use see-off karne ke liye khadi thi… Suddenly he lost the control and Activa Jiji ko lag gayi… thoda tej…


She was furious… gave Y look to Rohit…

Rohit, finding himself innocent replied with an X…


And all this with in 1 hr of the cease fire…


Rohit started his Activa, and as he was about to accelerate, he looked back… X and Y were still there… perhaps another 17 days of ‘not talking to eachothr’


Fir dono ek doosre ko thodi der tak dekhte rahe… Hard looks softened to smiles… and then there was a grin on their faces…


Jiji smiled: “tu pagal hai…”


Happier ending…!!




These were the senseless memories… Rohit had been going thru…


I asked him: “yaar, ye to SMILES waali memories hain… fir tu dukhi kyun ho raha tha…”

“Bhai, those days are never gonna come back… isliye thoda sa dukh ho raha tha… and then there are other sad memories also…

If some memories can bring u smiles.. some can bring u tears…”








  1. well written….apna bachpan yaad aa gya….d moments which brought smiles will bring tears when they will become memories

    Comment by Rohit Kochar — April 5, 2009 @ 09:00 | Reply

  2. its good as always…bachpan ki yaadein taza ho gayi..

    Comment by suman — April 5, 2009 @ 09:44 | Reply

  3. Amazing Rohit… the flow of words is simply amazing ..God Bless you n ur Jiji
    Thanks for sharing (:

    Comment by Ani — April 5, 2009 @ 11:52 | Reply

  4. Amazing Mishraji… the flow of words is simply amazing ..God Bless you n ur Jiji
    Thanks for sharing (:

    Comment by Ani — April 5, 2009 @ 12:05 | Reply

  5. Hii…well here is sumthin related to dis post dat I want to share..(I read it sumwhere..nt original)..”Memories play a very confusing role in our lives..Dey make u laugh wen u remember d times u cried bt make u cry wen u rem d times u laughed!!” 🙂
    me 2 missin ma beautiful,innocent childhood dayz a lot..wanna hv dem bak..God plz make me a child again jus 4 tonight..

    Comment by Anuja — April 5, 2009 @ 16:05 | Reply

  6. Amazing piece… u have got very good writing skills…. took me down the memory lane… even i had such fights with my di who is married now… the first thing i did aftr reading this was to call my di..

    Comment by Anshul Dixit — April 6, 2009 @ 03:21 | Reply

  7. Hey Rohit, a great post 🙂
    Made me all the more miss/hate the fact that I don’t have any siblings. Whatever I might win or lose, achieve or fail in, this one fact will continue to haunt me for life.

    Comment by Gaurav Gupta — April 6, 2009 @ 09:10 | Reply

  8. hmm…anoter one…n a beautiful one 🙂

    I jst wanted to know ki Jab jiji ka chanta padta tha to Rohit ka man wapis ek lagane ko karta tha ki nahi.. 😀

    asked coz mere ghar me ye thappad dono taraf se ate hein
    (including the X n Y looks)

    same as hugs n smiles 🙂

    Memories Memories n some more of them….m gonna miss those days 😦

    Comment by aliva — April 6, 2009 @ 10:44 | Reply

  9. very true…some memories bring a smile and some bring tears…but there are a third kind–which i hold very close to me—those which bring a smile to ur face and a tear to the eye at exactly the same time 🙂

    that is the magic of nostalgia!!

    Comment by pri — April 6, 2009 @ 14:41 | Reply

  10. @Kochar… Ani… Suman… Anshul… Anuja… Gaurav… Aliva… Pri: thanx for reading and commenting…!!

    @ALIVA: yaara, mein chota tha na, to kuch nahin kar sakta tha. mera hahiyaar sirf mummy hoti thi. Aur ye instructions mummy ke hi the ki agar Rohit subah uth ke soye to use thappad maar ke uthana… 🙂

    @Pri: hmm… this was one of those third kind of memories i suppose pri… a smile with a tear…

    Comment by Mishra — April 6, 2009 @ 14:47 | Reply

  11. @all: y doint u put up u stories here… it will be good to share and smile together…

    Comment by Mishra — April 6, 2009 @ 14:48 | Reply

  12. There are endless memories.
    U remember there was this game where u used to play the role of our nanaji. And we used to be your nettlesome grandchildren.
    And this puppy we got from sumwhr once and brought home; and all the names we argued upon on our way home. And mummy went through a lot to make us actually accept since she hates them we can not keep it.
    And this plant which we potted and den took ‘real good care’ of. We watered it to such an extent that it soon died and then we tried ‘making’ a fossil of it.
    And all my experiments in the kitchen where u used to be the guinea pig. U remember my white rosogulla, and also my ‘special’ besan pakoras without besan.

    Comment by Priyanka — May 6, 2009 @ 14:01 | Reply

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