Moments and Memories…!!

April 18, 2009

Life is BEAUTIFUL…!!

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Hamare Agra mein ek kahawat hai… “Laut ke jaate waqt Tajmahal ko peeche palat ke nahin dekhna chahiye… warna bande ko dobara aana padta hai Taj ko dekhne…”

 Kuch log is baat par vishwaas karte hain aur Taj ko palat ke nahin dekhte…
Kuch log is baat par vishwaas karte hain aur Taj ko peeche palat ke dekhte hain…

Last days of the college… Last days of being master of yourselves… a jack of all.

Time slipping by… not many moments to let go… days are hot again this summer… only more memorable… the long way back to hostel and the scorching heat doesn’t pain us as much as it did in the last 3 years… nights are different… y am i getting insomniac wih each passing day… each passing moment…!!

A lot in mind… a lot to express… so many people to talk to… lot to talk about… hard to express… but even harder to conceal… THE LAST DAYS HERE IN COLLEGE…!!

Before coming to college, a Bhaiya of mine told me: “Rohit, these days are going to be the best days of ur life…”.
I couldn’t help but smile: “Bhaiya… ghar se achha kuch hota hai kya?? Kaise katenge ye 4 saal??”

And today, when i was counting the days left here, these words came to me in flashes… KAT GAYE 4 SAAL… pata bhi nahin chala…
I used my fist to know the number of days in the month of April… god knows when i did that last… counting days in the month of April. And alas… just 30 days…!!
picked up a calender and looked again… 30 days in April there too… (and when i am writing this, i am counting days again… no mistake. APRIL HAS 30 DAYS)
so, it was official…
Just 28 more days of being together…
28 days of knowing what life is… what it can be… what it will be…!!

Want to write lots… seriously a lot of stuff… many thoughts come to mind in a moment and the next moment, mind is blank. Things are changing… changing rapidly… !!

Very lately, we had a lot of endeavors…. a lot of plans… some materialising into trips… others into blogs and some more others into blue day, kurta day, white day, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday… hours of hanging out together… nothing to discuss, yet a lot to ponder… Suddenly campus seems to be a place we belong to… suddenly friends are the assets we will have forever, we will need forever… priorities getting their place in life…  responsibilities glaring at us… but are we capable enough to handle things our way…??

Every time I cross a road, I run into a vehicle… so I cross roads with friends… par ab kya…??
In a group of 10 friends… in the first year, only 1 knew how to get reservations… and remaining 9, in their fourth year now, still dont know the art… But now, they have to… This time it kills them to ask their ‘the’ friend to get reservations done for them… they have to learn it themselves…
The chicken that never knew how to cross a road, has to cross it all alone…
Things are changing… changing rapidly…
We have to learn things…  and learn them the hard way- the life’s way…!!

Khair, the point is I don’t know what to write… or ‘what all’ to write…

Every moment is a start of a new conversation… conversations about how we met.. the ragging days… the love life… the long stories behind nicknames… aur bhi bahut kuch- seniors… girls… friends back home… sisters… family… school… teachers… playground…
huh…!! a big story to narrate… few listeners… and an awesome narrator… always…!!

Few more days to go… and soon all will be over.
A few more days to say thanks for a life that changed drastically in the last 4 years, yet with so much of originality still intact…
Just a few more days to say a SORRY for all the wrongs we did… to show gratitude to all those who came in our life and made it BEAUTIFUL…!!

Few more days and it will be time to wind up…
All the michievious acts we did and everything we wanted to do… soon it will be time to put a full-stop to all those kiddish ways of living.
A few more days of doing what we want to do before we are forced into doing what we are destined to do…!!

a song is playing now in my PC… and it seems so apt:

“ek hawaa ka jhoka aaya, toota daali se phool…
na pawan ki, na chaman ki… kiski hai ye bhool…
kho gayi khushbu hawa mein kuchh na reh gaya..
mera jeevan kora kaagaz… kora hi reh gaya…”

kiski bhool….?? hum bichad rahe hain to kiski bhool…?? sab chhoot raha hai to kiski bhool… hum dukhi hain to kiski bhool…??

Maine kabhi kisi ko rone nahin diya apne aas paas… poori koshish kii ki sabko samjhun aur samjhaoon… hamesa hasta rahun aur hasaata rahun…
But when its time for me to cry… when i will need somebody to wipe off my tears… i find none… Everybody has to go… destiny calling… par kiski bhool…??
All I can do is wear a smile and ask others to say goodbye to the best chapters of our lives… Be glad not that those we love are to go forever, but that the earth they laughed and lived on was our earth too… that we had few people we loved and adored, and that through various gestures we have showed it to them…. that they know it too…
Tears over this end…??
Nay,a smile .. 🙂
That we walked together a little while…..!!!

I do cry… i wanna cry more… i will cry lots…!! But all this behind a thin veil of smiles…
AAKHIR, har hasi ke peeche khushi hi nahin chupi hoti hai na baabu moshai…!!

I don’t believe in that kahawat thing about Taj… magar yun hi… ek baar peeche palat ke college ko dekhta hun roj…!!
Wanna come back here… although i dont believe the anecdotes…!!

When it will rain this year… i’ll miss the nostalgic smell of soil… cricket… bhutta… chai… those long walks in the rain… those hopes of the rain ruinng classes of the day…

the Summers next year… will remind me of the long walks we had… the tough project times… the shades we craved for.. the long waits for the bus…

Winters this november and december… will be deadly… with noone around to offer me a quilt…

Every new trip.. will be a gentle reminder that the ‘stylish’ way of clicking pics and posing for them is over… only ‘gentleman’ pics… life is over… Ihave lived it for myself… clicked it throughout…

Every appreciation at office will remind me of all the swearings from the friends… which were the most genuine gestures to tell me that I am special…

Whenever I will have a punctured bike… i will miss people with whom I had dragged punctured vehicles for miles at 4:30 in the morning

A holiday… will make me miss my gully cricket…

Every funny incidence… will make me miss AUSCULATORS…!! they love the way I exaggerate things and frame them into a story…

Whenever I will have any amount more than 1000 bucks in my bank account…. I would wish to be back to college…. I will miss this place…

Whenever I will see a BOSS, i would crave to make fun of him… and at that moment I will miss friends… the blog… The SAMANT…

Whenever someone will address me with a Mr., I will miss being addressed as KUTTE… DD… GADHE…

Whenever some one will call me Rohit… i will miss being called Mishra…!!

I will miss LIFE…!!

LIfe is BEAUTIFUL… y cant it remain this way always…!! 






  1. Great Mishraji ..thanks for sharing this wonderful part of your life with us. 🙂
    waqt chahe na ruke ..memories gonna last forever..
    ek gaana yaad aaya jo har farewell me ham gaate the..

    “Abhi alvida mat kaho doston najane kahan phir mulakaat ho….Kyon ki
    beete hue lamhon ki kasak saath to hogi
    Khwabon me bhi chahhe mulakat to hogi

    phoolon ki tarah dil men basaae hue rakhana
    yaadon ke chiraaghon ko jalaae hue rakhana
    lamba hai safar is men kahin raat to hogi
    beete hue lamhon ki……………….

    ye saath guzaare hue lamhaat ki daulat
    jazbaat ki daulat, ye khyaalaat ki daulat
    kuchh paas na ho, paas ye saughaat to hogi
    beete hue lamhon ki…………………”

    Comment by Ani — April 18, 2009 @ 18:21 | Reply

  2. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have had my lunch box alone in hostel.
    kabhi kabhi to kuchh bhi haath nahi aata tha.
    Aadat aisi ho gayi hai ki 2 roti se jyada khayi hi nahi jaati lunch me. bhale hi us se pehle kuchh khaya ho ya na khaya ho….
    ab poora lunch akele khana padega…
    Whenever I’ll take lunch, I will miss college.

    Comment by Aviral — April 18, 2009 @ 18:26 | Reply

  3. hey you said you couldn’t comment on my latest post? kyun kya hua..? Have I offended you? or are you thinking I will again take your comment and start a discussion? 🙂

    Hey do leave a comment.. my fellow blogger.. 🙂

    p.s. A BIG HUG TO YOU FOR WRITING THIS ONE!! 😦 I am leaving with a drop of tear in my eyes.. 😦 I am so gonna miss college too.. for me just 2 more exams and I am done being master of myself.. 😦 😥 the world outside is a big bad world!! I am so gonna miss the comfort of being with my friends.. thank you for writing this one..thank you so much!!

    Comment by Kajal aka The Pink Orchid — April 18, 2009 @ 20:30 | Reply

  4. blogrolled you!! 🙂 i’ll be back here with every new post.. 🙂

    Comment by Kajal aka The Pink Orchid — April 18, 2009 @ 20:37 | Reply

  5. Nobody knows its empty
    This smile that I wear’
    The real one is left in the past
    Because you have left me there

    Nobody knows I am crying
    They wont even see my tears,
    When they think I am laughing
    I still wishing you were here.

    Nobody knows its painful
    They think I am strong,
    They say that it wont kill me,
    But I wonder if they were wrong.

    Nobody knows I need you
    They say I can do it on my own,
    But they dont know I am crying
    When I am all alone…..

    Comment by Mishra — April 19, 2009 @ 12:14 | Reply

  6. I am on the verge of tears. I have also written about the same topic in starting of my blog. I can imagine how were you feeling when you wrote this. Suddenly 4 years of colg comes in front of your eyes. Time just flys by so easily . And I don’t know what it is but while I was reading your this article, the song being played was ‘purani jeans’ .. 🙂

    Comment by Ekam — April 19, 2009 @ 18:38 | Reply

  7. Its hard to imagine leaving this college…time might have a healing effect..but these memories will be imprinted in our minds in the brightest of all colors….hope we still continue to stand by each other, the distance notwithstanding…
    everyday the clock strikes 4pm, i will miss the tea-time with the best of my friends… i will miss the sprint to the class in the morning, being let off, no matter how late i m, whenever i will think of taking a nap, i will think of the good old classes at mnit and my concerned friends waking me up…those long stays at suman’s room, the movies together….
    whenever i m overwhelmed with angst, i will miss the exchange of sweet-nothings with my closest buddies in hostel…everything is so very perfect in this beautiful college life…

    Comment by Monideepa — April 19, 2009 @ 19:07 | Reply

  8. I’ll miss saying things without thinking about them twice 😉 i’ll miss being a kid! ;-D

    Comment by chetna samant — April 26, 2009 @ 21:43 | Reply

  9. ladies and gentlemen…
    the above comment is from samant… the one mentioned in the text…

    Comment by Mishra — April 27, 2009 @ 03:41 | Reply

    • thank you very much for the introduction!!!


      Comment by chetnasamant — April 27, 2009 @ 22:03 | Reply

  10. yaar u really brought tears…. i know 1 thing for sure that I wouldn’t have been same if I had not met u. In the starting you were one of the few good things the college had for me. U still are…. just that now its not just for me. my virtual roomie in 1st yr, my real roomie in second year and since then you have been in my heart. the tt room… the electronics xam….the evs night out.. making lists…yaar u r the support i have been standing against for the past four years. i know maine tujhe bahut pareshan kiya hai but u can be rest assured i will always break journey at agra. also i will always be defending u. u r one person to whom i share all my thoughts and problems since 1st year. there have been times where i feel i have hurt u or went against your expectations … i am really sorry for that. tujhse bahut baat karni hai but suddenly the clock has started ticking very fast….

    Comment by Jubin — April 27, 2009 @ 16:21 | Reply

  11. was listening to random songs on my laptop, some 270 songs enqueued, and suddenly this never heard before song started: “abhi alvida mat kaho doston…”
    but the lyrics sounded familiar… and i knew exactly why.
    Browsed thru the post and there it was, the first comment from Ani 🙂
    the song is from movie Nikaah (FYI…!!)

    ( ## 200th comment on blog ##)

    Comment by Mishra — January 20, 2010 @ 09:39 | Reply

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