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April 29, 2009


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friendship is forever...

marriage is forever too...!!



Taarruf rog ho jaaye to usko bhoolnaa behtar…
Taalluk bojh ban jaaye to usko todnaa achchha,
Voh afsaana jise anjaam tak laana na ho mumkin…
Use ek khoobsoorat mod dekar chhodna achchha…!!

Chalo ek baar phir se, ajnabi ban jaye ham dono…







“DD, it has to end now… our friendship??” 

DD was in the middle of the conversation with Chinky, a very good friend of his, when he called her for the first time after her marriage… just to know how new life is??


“DD, it has to end now… our friendship??”

“kyun chinky…??”


“yaar… there are reasons”

“which ofcourse i won’t understand, hai na..?? phit bhi… tell me…”


“oye yaara… we were good friends all these years… u are and will always be my best friend… but things are not the same always. Shayad marriage marks the end of every relation that we cannot name… friendship comes first in the list…”


“friendship apne aap mein naam nahin hai kya…??”


“tujhe pata hai.. mujhe pata hai… magar unka kya yaar jo nahin samajhna chahte… wo jo kabhi samajh bhi nahin sakte…”


“ek baat bata, kisi ne kuch kaha kya..??



“nahin yaar koi kuch kyun kahega… and why wait for someone to point out something which I place so pious in my heart…  few actions don’t demand any reasons… coz reasons are filthy… they are followed coz they have to be…tu isko damage control keh le…”


<long pause…!!>

“hmm.. samajh gaya…”


<another pause…!!>

“chinky, take care always…”


“DD, tu bahut acha banda hai yaar… will miss u…”

“ofcourse, will miss u too…I will be there for u always… bas call kar dena…”

“teri shaadi ke bad bhi…?? :)”

“hmm… meri shaadi ke baad bhi, kabhi bhi”

“he he he… mein ye baa tujhse tab poochungi…”



“Khair, aur bata… Dhaara kaisi hai”



And the last conversation continued…





P.S. > dedicated to my net-friend Aliva aka Chinky… she is getting engaged today, April 29, 2009.





  1. this conversation would have taken place between so many friends right before they find their life partners.. aisa kyu hota hai? 😦

    Comment by Kajal — April 29, 2009 @ 16:56 | Reply

  2. hmm….fst of all Thank you…tune kuchh to waqt nikala mere liye 😉

    n rahi baat comment ki to…i wd say…

    koi kisike liye ajnabi nahi ban raha..

    jeevan sathi achha aur samajhne wala mile to koi bhi dost ko dusre dost se ye sab bolna na pade…we can maintain the dignity of the marriage n the purity of the frnship symultaneously. 🙂

    chorry…replied bit late 😛

    Comment by chinky — May 12, 2009 @ 00:03 | Reply

  3. happy bday aliva….!!
    apne treat chahiye yahan pe…
    and for the comment… i wish the same… whatever i wrote came tome aise hi, was thinking of how life changes after marriage…

    take care…

    Comment by Mishra — May 17, 2009 @ 12:45 | Reply

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