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August 29, 2009


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I did what i always wanted to do...!!



“Once there was a lion… and a mouse. Whenever lion was asleep, mouse used to come and dance on his chest… one day lion caught mouse dancing, but being a good lion, he didn’t hurt the mouse… and let him go.


They became good friends…


Days later, when lion was hunting for food, he got trapped under a net set by hunters in the jungle… then mouse came and cut the net for him and set him free…”


 “So, moral of the story is, GOOD FRIENDS are for LIFE…!! and that we must help others and then others will also help us”



WELL… sometime back when one of his friends told him that he is gonna leave his job to become a teacher, Rohit didn’t know how to reason him to stay back…

And now he doesn’t want to… not any more… now, after he knows that Teaching Is Infectious….!!


This Saturday, when a weekend followed after long long time… there were no plans to be executed… just that Rohit had volunteered to teach a class of students in a school where nobody gets an equal shot of destiny as he always had…


7th class in Vivekananda Public School, Hyderabad…!!


It was as good as it could have gone…


Rohit, Tarun and Sadashiv… an inconvenient group of teachers…

And an awesome gang of students… Nikita, Nadeem, Shivaji, Afreen, Hafsa, Bushra, Nazia, Nihaal, Ramulamma, Mansa, Rajesh, Ganesh, Deepak, Kaavya, Sarita, Niyaaz, Vijay… (m missing 3 names here)


The so called teachers for the day entered the class with no concrete plan in mind… they didn’t even read the day’s module. The day started with everybody’s introduction… and the platform was set…

Rohit got a first taste of Hyderabadi Hindi here… “apan ne sun to rakha hota ki kaisich hoti hai wo… par bolne me hichak hoti hai saab… par abhi apan mast tareeke se bol sakta hai…”


Later in the day,  kids were asked to write a story of their own… AND THE FREEDOM WRITERS WERE BORN…!!!

Every kid had something to write about… something they have sometimes heard of… some incidence in their life which is still fresh…

Those who wanted to write something different started with writing about themselves… where were they born… the description of the trips thay had managed with their families… the age they will get married… the no. of kids they will have… and  even the name of their kids…

All those fables we used to listen… the turtle- hare race, the lion mouse friendship, “respect ur parents” stories, “god is always there to help u” and “friend in need is a friend indeed” stories, Thumbelina… all were back for the narrations…

One narrated and other listened…

They got  to know that “NO” and “KNOW” are two different words… where to use “HUNGRY” and where to use “ANGRY”… and that if somebody calls u NOTORIOUS, what he actually means…



Among all those learning and clapping… dancing and singing… creation and narration…  the 2 minute long 3 Hours of celebrations was over…

All of them… all 20… came and shook hands… said BYE to the most inconvenient group of teachers they had ever met… and asked them to come back again next Saturday… “SIR NEXT SATURDAY AANE KA HAI… NEXT SATURDAY TEACHER’S DAY HAI…” 


5th Sept was never so awaited… Rohit is waiting…


told u, this teaching is infectious…!!




P.S.> while i was writing all this, i got a message… SALARY FOR SECOND MONTH HAS BEEN UPDATED IN UR ACCOUNT… man… i am loving this day…!!



  1. Hey Rohit. Have a great Teachers’ day with these children. You’re doing a good job.

    And congratulations for your 2nd month salary. Must be an awesome feeling, haina. My job is starting from day after tomorrow, Tuesday. Now I am eagerly waiting for my first pay 😀

    Comment by Ekam — August 30, 2009 @ 16:32 | Reply

  2. Hey there’s an award waiting for you. Check my blog:)

    Comment by Ekam — September 11, 2009 @ 18:49 | Reply

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