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September 19, 2009

A waste of TIME…!!

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Hey buddy common, lets go for a coffee…

Hmm… 2 mins… coming…

Naah.. I am going…

Ohhk, go ahead…time waste...!!

Hey sorry if u felt bad… but seriously, I cannot wait for somebody just aiwei hi… I think its a waste of time…

<smiling> well, I don’t… anyways if I am coming for a coffee, i am not gonna do anything for the next 5 mins… so I prefer to spend those 5 minutes with my friends… a constructive waste of time u can say…

Hmm.. but then THAT is TOO girly… u wait for everyone… this caring attitude is actually very girly… u should be a girl.

And u a boy…!!


Anyways, caring for others is not girly… everybody has some expectations out of you…

No, nobody expected something out of u when u came here for the first time… its u who set the expectation…

And isn’t it good that the expectations set are good… ?? everybody must get a return of what they expect out of u… or what we can do is that someday I will neglect u like anything and then u will know… then u will feel bad… 

No I wont… see, I, many a times never ask u for a lot of things… but do u feel bad.. NO..!!


<smiling> ohhk.. u do feel bad… <smiles continue> I can not help it right, I am evil… and also I am not girly like u…

again, caring for those who care for u is not being girly…


Yeah… whatever… lets go…!!


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  1. Caring for somebody is NOT AT ALL girly. There is nothing wrong in that. PERIOD!

    Comment by Ekam — September 19, 2009 @ 13:41 | Reply

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