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October 26, 2009

Miss Me, ATLEAST…!!

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in friendsip, the rule goes as u dont care for someone who doesn’t bother to care for u…!!

I know she will not miss me…

and worse, she might even forget me…

but, I cannot just let her go…

I will think about her… now and forever…

people say that I am in Love…

I say I am not…

but I am…!!






(P.S. : could it be that I AM NOT IN LOVE…. !! she is STILL JUST a friend…!!)



  1. What is this????
    Sirf hajri bharne ke liye post karta hai kya.
    Yar go on post SOMETHING.
    And some things are just meant to be written in your diaries.
    Sorry if it sounds rude, but i am ACTUALLY loosing interest in your blog. Acha likhta hai yar, go on post something good. Apne last ke 2-3 posts padh, sabke sab ek se lagenge.

    Comment by Priyanka — October 26, 2009 @ 16:11 | Reply

  2. to kya hua…
    last ke 2-3 post i like more than i like most of the posts here…
    vaise bhi, posts have to bear more meaning to me than they make to others….!!

    Comment by Mishra — October 26, 2009 @ 18:10 | Reply

  3. i agree with didi…theek hai ye tera blog hai…aur tu jo chahe likh sakta hai…lekin jo log tera blog padhte hai, unki taraf bhi ek zimmedari hai bhai… tragedy hi likh, lekin variety to laa…zindagi me aur bhi gam hai likhne/padhne ko…:) 😛

    Comment by Aviral — October 26, 2009 @ 22:43 | Reply

  4. Exactly aviral!!
    Aur bhi gam hai zamane me ‘mohabbat’ ke siva
    Moreover Rohit agar tu apne liye hi likhta hai to blog is a bad idea. And wat a way to react to the comments- If a person doesn’t like your blog -“to kya hua…”. Ek kam kar comments block kar de bcoz apne liye likhne walo ke liye comment karma to bada demeaning sa lagta hai. 
    Understood ki tragic likhna hai. An incidence which happened in our neighborhood few years bak was a very sad incidence; a woman being beaten brutally by her husband, a child having no place to go, girl gang-raped by a group of students, itna kuch hai jo humne dekha hai. Last weekend I had a discussion wid a kashmiri roomie of mine on what all kashimiri hindus had to face that made them abandon ‘their’ Kashmir and settle in jammu. The stories made all of us cry. She said “Bahut kuch hua hai yar, aisi hi nahi chod kar aya koi apni zameen”. BAHUT KUCH. duniya me dukhon ki kami to nahi hai yar. Likhne ke liye BAHUT KUCH hai. Find some such thing out. I absolutely loved what you posted a lil b4 teachers day, and also “make a wish” wala post. Agar sirf apne bare me bhi likhna to bhi “missing college” and “am I in love” type bahut ho gaya yar. Magar agar apne liye likhna hai to dusron ko padhane ka idea hi farzi hai. Khair ye sabphone pe bhi samjha sakti thi. Magar tere reply ka reply kiye bina raha nahi jata 😛

    Comment by Priyanka — October 27, 2009 @ 11:58 | Reply

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