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December 4, 2009

AN UN-Grown UP…!!

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Few days back, a senior person came from onsite.. and we were having a formal introduction…

“Hi.. I am Anand..”

“Hello Anand, I am Rohit..”

“U must be a new joinee… a college hired…”

“hmm…. Yes… how come u know…??”

“It reflects from ur face… looks full of energy…”

This was something which makes me happy still… whenever i recall this conversation… makes me smile…

It actually feels good to be sort of urself when everybody expects u to mature suddenly…

For me, i am sure, this is not the kind of job i would choose for myself if given a choice… One reason could be that i have already experienced it and would like to change…

and that is how things go for me… i cant be a part of stationary… i prefer change…

right now, if given a chance to be something of my choice, i would prefer to be a Paedetrician… a Counsellor… a Radio Jockey… something which doesnt asks me to mature… which keeps ME in ME intact…!!

and when Anand said that my face reflects energy… u can understand why i was HAPPY…!!

i am not grown up… atleast till now…!!


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