Moments and Memories…!!

June 30, 2011


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Today I sit to write… again… like I do once in a while… but only difference is that this time I AM GONNA POST THIS. Think I always do, but after long….. veryyyyy long…. Writing something.

Missing it… writing whatever I felt like… writing for myself… for others… for no one.

Every time something good happens… thoughts meander to how it was earlier when every small thing rekindled something almost forgotten at the back of my mind… and that small thing rekindled a series of thoughts that found their place on this blog page.


Today, shayad for the first time have nothing to write about. No good is happening… there is nothing that can be considered as bad, as there is a strong believe that worse is yet to follow. Perhaps just have to crib about how much I have been missing this place. And I admit – tooooooo much. And I admit this too – it’s not job that is keeping me away from this… it’s not my reading or studies (if any J) or any person.. it’s just me… the laziness in me…

A good great thing that happened today was that this day marks the successful completion of my 2 years into corporate life. And have learnt a lot in this… All in a process of becoming a “something that cannot be named yet”.

That’s it!

And again, without any promises that I will return and when, I bid adieu… only to come back here… sooner or later… better sooner..!!


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